Your Guide to Common Inquiries

Where does this live?

MIDL can live on servers at your property, on servers in our cloud, on servers in your cloud, or a hybrid approach of on-premise servers and cloud servers. We are happy to provide guidance as to which makes sense for your unique situation.

How much does this cost?

We charge based on how much data we will be handling for you. Variables include deployment type (on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid approach of on-premise and cloud), how many cameras you have, types of cameras, and other devices at your property. Pricing becomes cheaper with scale. Reach out through the contact form on our website if you would like to receive pricing.

How easy is it to use this software?

Yes, we built this software with the intention of you not having to hold intensive training sessions and issue certificates simply to get people to use the software. Ease of use has been a priority from day 1 and will continue to be. We want to continue building to be as easy as possible so if you have suggestions, please use our contact form to reach out and let us know your thoughts!

What if we don’t want to use MIDL on all of our cameras?

That isn’t a problem. You can choose to use MIDL on a particular grouping of cameras and devices.

How many locations and users can I have?

You can combine unlimited locations and users into a single dashboard. Role-based access control is included so you can limit user access to specific cameras & locations.

What can I integrate into this platform?

We are an intelligence platform built around your cameras. While we prioritize your cameras because they see the majority of the activity at your property, we enable the integration of a wide range of devices and services. This includes but is not limited to access control, vape sensors, blue light poles, emergency phones, drones, databases, display screens, other environment sensors, alarms, PA systems, and lighting.

Can I mix and match different camera brands?

Yes. It makes no difference how many different brands and types of cameras you have. This includes security cameras, intercom cameras, drones, body cameras, dash cameras, and any other type of camera you can think of. If you have analog cameras, they will need to have IP-encoders for us to work with them.

What happens to my current camera system?

When we first started, we realized camera softwares of today lacked the ability to recognize the level of data needed to create a platform like this. With this realization, we built out our own VMS along with the ability for our software to remember the data that your cameras see. This means you have the flexibility to use this in-parallel to your current system or choose to replace it now or down the line.

How will this drive an ROI for me?

A few of the key points include saving significant time searching footage, saving money by standardizing siloed systems without needing to rip and replace hardware, limit damages by taking a proactive approach to tackling incidents, and be able to multiply your workforce without making new hires.

What is the point of MIDL if I already have a VMS?

If you just need to view camera streams, then a VMS might do the job for you. But if you are tired of wasting time searching footage, need to be proactive instead of reactive, want to link your siloed systems without ripping and replacing hardware, are facing workforce staffing issues, and/or want to begin transforming your property to be automated and carry out actions on its own, then a VMS will not be your answer.

What steps do you take to ensure security and privacy of data?

Data security is of the upmost importance to us. With our on-premise deployments, all of your data is kept at the property with you. If you choose to deploy in the cloud, we establish our own virtual private network (VPN) that everything is sent through so none of your data is ever being exposed over the public internet. In either scenario, data is encrypted both at rest and in-transit. Furthermore, we enable data lifecycles for both compliance and comfortability. This means for every piece of data you can assign a different life-cycle (Ex. 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, etc).

Does MIDL provide surveillance?

Yes, surveillance and everything that comes with standard surveillance can provided through MIDL with your existing cameras. However, we do not have to provide surveillance. If you have a current VMS or surveillance system and do not want to replace it, we can seamlessly work in parallel.

Can I add more than one location?

Yes. You can add as many locations as you would like all into one dashboard. Role-based access control will allow you to assign locations to specific users or groups.

How do you pronounce MIDL?

MIDL is pronounced as “middle”. If you thought differently, you're not alone. People sometimes think it is “M-I-D-L” (saying each letter independently) or “My-dill”.