Keeping unwanted vehicles out

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Vehicles sneaking into your garage can be a problem for more reasons than one. First, these unwanted guests are taking up spots from paying customers. Second, they are making your garage less safe and creating a reason for paying guests to throw at you should anything happen to their vehicles.

Tailgating and fob sharing are the most common methods people use to sneak into garages. These are also two methods that are very hard to stop, even if you shell out large amounts of money for a garage or lot attendant. The ironic thing is that you are probably have 80% of what you need to solve this issue, the only missing piece is our software.

Our software integrates with your new or existing cameras to ensure no unwanted vehicles enter your garage. It will open and close gates for authorized vehicles by reading their license plates, even allowing you to get rid of fobs and fob-sharing if you are ready to take that step. If vehicles tailgate, the camera will track the brand, type, color, and license plate of the vehicle then send an alert to you or your staff along with a video of the vehicle tailgating.

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You also have the ability to schedule access for groups of vehicles. For example, you can allow certain people in during the week but not on weekends. You can even unlock a new revenue stream by granting temporary access and charging for short-term or guest parking - finally getting your well-deserved money from the people that tailgate or fob-share.

The best part? You can control access to your garage or lot from your couch if you would like. All it takes is adding a license plate into your MIDL dashboard and that person will have immediate access (unless you put them on a specified schedule). If you want to gain control of your garage without hiring a bunch of expensive employees or wasting significant time doing garage audits, let’s talk - just click the button below.

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