Avoiding tragedy at K-12 schools

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It’s a sad reality that parents have to worry about sending their kids to school on a daily basis due to safety concerns. Safety of a school is becoming just as influential as academics when deciding to attend one school over another. One option is to send their kids to online school, but that will never replace the value an in-person education will provide to an individual. With MIDL, we want to make sure parents and kids feel comfortable about their decision to attend your school.

Our software significantly enhances your cameras to create the safest property possible. With our system, cameras can identify anything from weapons, students fighting, unauthorized people on the premises, suspicious activity, and doors that are left propped open. Once a safety threat is detected, MIDL will immediately alert staff and even the police if the threat is severe enough. MIDL is also able to integrate with you access control system to open/close entrances based on the detections.

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In the event of an emergency, your cameras can be directly streamed to police officers on their phones and cruiser laptops (MDTs), which can provide situational awareness to what is going on inside of the building. This can assist police officers in locating and eliminating a threat as quickly as possible. In many of the recent school shootings, it takes police crucial amounts of time to enter the building and locate the shooter. If the police knew exactly where a threat was and where they were moving throughout the building, it could result in lives being saved. Reach out with the button below to speak with us about integrating this software at your school.

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