Choosing the best camera set up

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Every business needs cameras to protect the property and to help to quickly get to the bottom of incidents when they inevitably happen. With that being said, the best camera set up for your business is one with functionality and features to accomplish this goal. You may be asking yourself, don’t all camera systems do that? The answer is no, cameras just give you a way to watch your problems. Every second of footage recorded is either another second you have to manually sift through or another second of valuable data that slipped through the cracks.

This may not be an issue if you are a smaller property with low activity, but it is important to consider if you want to travel down that same path that leads to wasted time searching footage and further investments once something goes wrong. What are those further investments? It begins with the question of who will watch the cameras? Often times, a business will invest into cameras and not touch them until something goes wrong. Once something goes wrong, you often have to further invest into security to make patrons comfortable. This may look like hiring a security team to watch the cameras and monitor the property.

The point is this - cameras are heavily underutilized, you could be using them to drive yourself so much value. They sit there for the entire existence of your property only to watch incidents, trends, and valuable data present themselves yet do nothing about it. The only thing they do for you is make you play a game of hide and seek throughout your footage. These cameras could be actively monitoring and alerting you for threats, delivering you analytics of the activity and trends at your property, and integrating with other hardware/services to create coordinated actions across your property.

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These reasons drove us to create MIDL, a search platform for video surveillance. MIDL can support your surveillance if you need it to, but also searches your camera feeds and either alerts you for safety threats or catalogs the activity for you to instantly surface if/when you need it. This way you are taking a proactive approach to security and don’t have to fight tooth and nail to uncover the relevant information from your footage. If you are considering implementing or making changes surrounding cameras, reach out with the button below - we are happy to make suggestions whether you end up using MIDL or not.

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