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Searching through days of recorded footage across multiple cameras can be very costly and time-consuming. This reality was a large driver behind us creating our “MIDL Search” that allows you to save hours if not days of time by empowering you to instantly surface events from your buried footage in seconds.

We brand ourselves as a search platform for video surveillance. This is because we are searching your video feeds in real-time, cataloging what the cameras are seeing so you can come back on your own time and ask for exactly what you are looking for. When I say ask for what you are looking for, I truly mean it - you either type or speak to MIDL and it will instantly display the relevant events from your footage.

Most companies in the space limit you to certain searches because they need to go through lengthy training processes to be able to detect objects. With us, you are not limited by these general objects and maybe some minimal attributes about them such as a person with a blue shirt and backpack. We enable you to make deeper searches about the context of the environment such as show me the person that pulled a gun and then ran down the street.

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Think about it, you and your team are losing a lot of hours searching through footage while trying to solve incidents. These hours could be used to solve the next incident or on other pending tasks. From your perspective, you probably don’t consider this time searching footage a loss and more of a necessary evil because you have never known there to be another alternative. MIDL is now that alternative. Our software will help you find what you are looking for in seconds and relieve pressure by solve incidents faster. Reach out with the button below if you would like to discuss how this would work within your operations.

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