Are smart cameras a good option for my business?

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Consider what you would want with a CEO (we will circle back to this at the end). Smart cameras may not be the best option for businesses looking to improve security or analytic capabilities. They are more expensive to install then regular cameras, are decentralized by nature making data management and seeing the complete picture of your property difficult, and hardware lock you into their brand. Smart cameras can be even more of a nightmare for existing properties vs new constructions, requiring you to either manage the smart cameras from a separate additional dashboard or pay a large amount of money to replace all of your existing cameras. Luckily, there is another option that allows you to benefit from all of the features of smart cameras (and more) at a cheaper price.

Not to mention that most smart cameras are cloud-based. Cloud solutions sound great at first - no managing servers at my property and simple to set up? Sign me up. That is until you get that never-ending recurring bill for cloud usage in addition to having to pay license costs for each camera, you try to send large amounts of data, you lose internet, or you need the utmost security with your set up and don’t want to send data over the internet. All of the sudden, cloud solutions don’t seem so attractive.

Think of smart cameras like having a tiny brain inside of them. There is nothing wrong with your existing cameras, they are just missing their brain. We realized this and decided to make a software that connects all of your existing cameras to one large brain instead of having a tiny brain inside of each camera. Now, all of your existing cameras become “smart cameras” without all of the costs and nuances we described above.

So what does connecting all of your cameras to this big brain even do? Glad you asked. Connecting your cameras to the MIDL brain allows you to have your camera streams searched. This means we can ensure that anything you deem as important is either alerted for in real-time or is cataloged for you to instantly surface on your own time (this means you spend much less time manually searching though camera footage). Our detection abilities run much deeper than those of smart cameras, allowing you to get very granular about what you are looking to see. This is because smart cameras have a much smaller brain on each camera than one large brain like we provide.

Before we say our goodbyes, we want to give you a simple way to think of this: Do you want to work with a bunch of CEOs trying to inefficiently make decisions and collect data at your property (smart cameras) or would you rather have one really smart CEO (MIDL)?

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We could talk (or type) on and on, but you get the idea. Reach out with the button below if you would like to have a conversation to see if MIDL is right for you.

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