How differing camera qualities affects MIDL

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There are so many different types of cameras on the market today, each with differing resolutions, night time modes, and zooming capabilities. Chances are, you have some of these differing camera models at your own property. But the real question is will this affect the performance of MIDL or any other type of software you want to use with your cameras for that matter. The answer is that these differences could affect performance in some scenarios, but to what degree is the question.

Take this scenario for example: trying to detect accessories on a person from a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera 40 stories up on top of a building, versus a bullet camera on the top of a light pole. We will have a more difficult time using the PTZ to detect headphones on a person or text on clothing versus that bullet camera on top of a light pole, since it is much closer to the ground and therefore to the objects we are detecting.

We just talked about distance from the objects you are looking to detect, but what about resolution or night time modes? Broadly speaking, the quality of the video stream can affect the ability to accurately detect an object. If you are a person that has difficulties seeing long distances and try to make out an object across a parking lot, it is probably going to be difficult for you. If you put your glasses on, you will probably be able to accurately identify that object. Now take the same scenario only using two cameras with drastically different stream qualities. Using the video stream of the clear one we will have no problem identifying the object. Using the video stream of the blurry camera, we may have some difficulty.

We cannot speak for any one else, but at MIDL, it is only these extreme scenarios that may present some challenges. We have invested into pieces of our solution from training the models to video enhancements for improving resolution to make sure minor variations in cameras present no issues. Aside from the enhancements built into our platform, we always have other options such as adjusting zoom or making some magic happen on the backend to overcome any humps that present themselves. There are very few scenarios where we wouldn’t be able to use a camera due to any of the difficulties cited above. It is simply about understanding what cameras you have and laying a strategic plan to position you for success. Reach out using the button below if you would like to bounce some ideas or questions off of us.

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