Buying new cameras after you deploy MIDL

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Sooner or later, you will need to add new cameras to your property, whether that is when a camera stops working or when you are looking to increase coverage. Regardless of the reason, you will be able to seamlessly add cameras to the MIDL platform. MIDL works with any type and brand of camera, meaning that you can buy whatever camera best suites you needs and not have to worry about compatibility restrictions.

As you may know, MIDL can work in-parallel to your existing surveillance provider if you have one, or it can operate as a standalone solution and provide you surveillance in addition to our other features. We provide the option for surveillance largely so you are not forced to use two separate dashboards (your current one and MIDL). Either way, adding cameras into your MIDL dashboard is quick and painless.

Here is an example of how the flexibility to add any brand and type of camera into your MIDL platform can benefit you. If you have ever used a license plate recognition camera (LPR camera), you know that they are more expensive than regular cameras and typically require you to pay a licensing fee on top of this expensive hardware cost. With MIDL’s ability to detect a wide range of objects and activity, you are able to buy a cheaper bullet camera and use it to detect license plates among a plethora of other detections. Now you saved money by avoiding a license fee and buying a cheaper camera, plus the functionality isn’t limited to just detecting license plates.

While we do not sell cameras, we are happy to make suggestions as to what might work best for you - reach out using the button below if you would like to have a conversation.

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