How MIDL works with analog cameras

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If you have analog cameras at your property, you are probably aware that they need replaced at some point but are fighting to make them last as long as possible - completely justifiable. We might be able to make those analog cameras work a little bit longer for you, as long as they have IP encoders.

An important consideration to make is that while we can make these older cameras work for you, analog cameras are naturally inferior to the modern cameras in terms of resolution. That comes into play when we are looking at the accuracy of detections we can make. A person farther in the distance could look like a blob on an analog cameras vs a clear person on a newer IP camera. We have built-in features with our software that help to level the playing field of different IP cameras so you can buy cheaper cameras and still get a desirable result. Even with these features, there is still a noticeable decrease in resolution and therefore performance with analog cameras.

It will ultimately come down to the outcome you have in mind. If your goal is tight security and you want to detect a person with a gun from a far distance, we will want to look at options of replacing that analog camera for a clearer IP camera. If you are simply looking to count the amount of people walking through a door, analog can do the trick. We will help you determine this. The good thing with MIDL is that adding cameras is not an issue even after we are deployed. We work with an type and brand of camera, so if you decide to replace a few cameras at a time, they can be seamlessly added into your MIDL platform.

We are happy to help you in sourcing cameras and planning an ideal approach so you aren’t just spending to spend. Reach out with the button below and we will get to brainstorming with you.

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